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Bhutan Disaster Profiles

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UNDP Human Development Index Ranking - 130

General information

Area: 40,077 sq km
Population:  0.658 million (2000)
Capital: Thimphu
Religion:  Buddhism
Language:  Dzongkha (official), Drukpas speak various Tibetan dialects, Nepalese speak various Nepalese dialects
Literacy: 54%
Life expectancy:  61.5 years
GDP per capita: $ 1,341


Ind: Cottage industry, cement, wood products, processed fruits, alcoholic beverages, calcium carbide
Agr:  Rice, corn, root crops, citrus, food grains; dairy products, eggs
Exp:  Electricity (to India), cardamom, gypsum, timber, handicrafts, cement, fruit

Disasters 1975-2001

Disaster Date Killed Affected
Flood Aug-2000 200 1,000
Wild fire Jan-1999 - -
Flood 6-Oct-1994 22 600
Cyclone May-1994 17 65,000
Data source: Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) and OCHA

Types of Hazards:  Violent storms coming down from the Himalayas and frequent landslides during the rainy season Most occurring disaster: Wind storms in winter and frequent land slides during summer
Annual frequency of wind storms: 4-5
Annual frequency of floods: 1-2