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14 killed after heavy rains in India; death toll from monsoons rises to 79
Publish Date : Mon, 07 Jul 2008

Flooding, house collapses and lightning strikes caused by heavy rains killed at least 14 people in northern India, taking the reported death toll in the annual monsoon season to 79, officials said Sunday.

LUCKNOW, India (AP) -- Heavy rains lashed the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh state, flooding all the major rivers in the region, Surendra Srivastava, a police spokesman told The Associated Press in Lucknow, the state capital.

ACT Alert India: Flooding in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
Publish Date : Sun, 29 Oct 2006

Geneva, 29 October 2007

Heavy and continuous rainfall over the past five days has caused widespread flooding and the deaths of at least 13 people in the state of Tamil Nadu. The rains, also affecting the state of Andhra Pradesh, were caused by a low pressure center over the south-eastern bay off Chennai along with the north-east monsoon.

In Tamil Nadu, between 40-50 cm of rain has been recorded over the past five days and the most seriously affected districts are Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Chennai, Thanjavur, Theni and Cumbam. The State Government is stepping up flood relief activities and has closed schools and colleges as the Meteorological Department forecasts continuous rain for the next two days. Fishermen have been warned not to go to sea and a cautionary alert has been issued at the Chennai port.

Floods in India (2003)

India: Assam floods Information Bulletin No. 3/2003
The annual South Asia monsoon, while in its early stages, is having a severe impact on populations in the region. To date, at least 255 deaths, directly related to the monsoon, have been recorded in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is only the start of India's monsoon season, and the Indian Meteorological Department forecasts a higher than usual rainfall for India over the next three months.

Floods in India (2002)

India is divided into four flood regions according to the river systems. They are the Brahmaputra region, Ganga region, the Indus region and the central and Deccan regions comprising of the rivers Narmada, Tapti and all rivers flowing south eastwards. It is estimated that an average of 40 million hectares is subjected to floods annually.

Villages hit by breach in Ganges
Publish Date : Sat, 03 Sep 2005

The Ganges river has joined with a tributary in the Indian state of West Bengal, inundating a large area of land, officials say.

The Ganges breached an embankment on Saturday and has started flowing into the Pagla.