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Bangladesh Disaster Profiles

UNDP Human Development Index Ranking - 132/162

General information

Text source: National Geographic Atlas of the World, Seventh Edition, 1999
Area: 143,998 sq km (55,598 sq mi)
Population: 125,721,000
Capital: Dhaka 8,545,000
Religion: Muslim, Hindu
Language: Bangla (official, also known as Bengali),English
Literacy: 38%
Life expectancy: 57 years
GDP per capita: $1,330


Ind: jute manufacturing, cotton textiles.
Agr: rice, jute, tea; beef, milk.
Exp: garments, jute, leather, frozen fish and seafood.

Disasters 1975-2001

Disaster Date Killed
Famine 1943 1,900,000
Epidemic 1918 393,000
Wind storm 12-Nov-1970 300,000
Wind storm 30-Apr-1991 138,866
Wind storm Oct-1942 61,000
Wind storm 11-May-1965 36,000
Flood Jul-1974 28,700
Wind storm Jun-1965 12,047
Wind storm 28-May-1963 11,500
Wind storm 9-May-1961 11,000


Disaster Date Affected
Flood Aug-1988 73,000,000
Flood 22-Jul-1987 73,000,000
Flood Jul-1974 38,000,000
Flood May-1984 30,000,000
Drought 5-Jul-1983 20,000,000
Flood Jul-1968 15,889,616
Wind storm 30-Apr-1991 15,438,849
Flood 8-Jul-1998 15,000,050
Flood 15-Jun-1995 12,656,006
Flood Jul-1993 11,469,537
Data source: Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED)

Types of Hazards: Drought/famines, Earthquakes, Epidemics, Floods and Wind Storms
Largest killer: Wind Storms (88.36%, as a % of people killed due to disasters)
Most occurring disaster: Wind Storms (48.02%, as a % of all disasters)
Largest affecter: Floods (79.59%, as a % of all affected)
Annual frequency of all disasters: 6.56
Annual frequency of wind storms: 3.15
Annual frequency of floods: 1.78