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Flood Events Archive: 2002


Sn Areas affected Dates Notes
1 Samanghan province. Surkundara valley, Karyia-e-Zao and Dehnao villages. 03/04/02 03/08/02 "Flood waters from a clogged river gradually were submerging this northern Afghan village after a powerful earthquake sheared off a steep cliff ... About 300 homes either have been submerged or have collapsed because their bases eroded... Unless the dam was breached and the water allowed to flow, all 1,000 or so buildings in the village could be underwater in about two days" CAUSE:Earth-quake produced dam followed by break
2 Faryab province - Deh Miran area. Tributaries of the Maimana river 04/04/02 04/07/02 "Heavy rains in isolated areas of Faryab province have caused tributaries of the Maimana river to burst their banks, destroying 323 homes and affecting 845 families … Authorities quoted by the UN suggested that more than 2,000 head of livestock had been killed and several hundred thousand square metres (yards) of land inundated"CAUSE:Rain
3 Badghis Province - Qala-i-Naw and Ab Kamari districts. Qala Nau city. 04/23/02 04/26/02 "One day of heavy rains in Badghis province in western Afghanistan on 23 April caused flooding in Qala-i-Naw and Ab Kamari districts. The Governor's office in Qala-i-Naw has reported that two people are dead and five are missing as a result of the flash floods. According to initial reports, 500 houses have been destroyed and 1,200 people in Qala-i-Naw and eight surrounding villages have been affected" "The emergency mission to Qala Nau yesterday visited nearby villages where perhaps 80 percent of irrigated land is now under mud and water, "CAUSE:Rain
4 Bamiyan province - towns of Waras and Panjao 05/16/02 05/20/02 "heavy downpours which affected 18 villages in Bamiyan province last week ... freak floods destroyed thousands of acres of farmland and cut off main roads …The most serious damage is to agriculture with 20-50 percent of agricultural land destroyed ... heavy loss of livestock and irrigation canals and cultivation has been badly damaged or destroyed" CAUSE:Rain
5 Sar-e Pol Province - Balkhab District. Sher, Gulwaz, Dushakh, Tagab-e Lola.  07/28/02 07/30/02 "Such a raging flood has had no precedence in the 300-year-old history of Sar-e Pol Province … . Many homes have been destroyed in those areas and people have lost their properties. The floods have not caused human losses but they have killed many animals in the areas. The flood has washed away homes in some villages of the district."CAUSE:Rain


Sn Areas affected Dates Notes
1 Sunamganj area - Upazilas: Dhirai, Bishwambar, Dharmapasha, Chhatak. Haors: Tarol, Baishakhi, Kharcha, Dulijar, Kaliani, Nandair
04/18/02 04/29/02 "Standing crops on 19,275 hectares land in 10 upazilas of the district were damaged as the flash flood inundated 40 haors due to incessant rain and collapse of the dam" "The flooding has caused by breaches in poorly constructed Barak embankment in Dhirai upazila that gave way to strong current … 75 percent crop in 27 haors have gone under water in the district during the last six days" "The extent of damage was officially estimated at about Tk 47 crore till Saturday."CAUSE:Dike breach
2 Moulvibazar district - Rajnagar, Kamalganj and Kulaura upazilas. Manu and Dhalai rivers. 05/23/02 05/31/02 "The overall flood situation in the district worsened further due to heavy downpour in the area for the last two days and on-rush of hilly waters from the upper catchment. About 40,000 people of Rajnagar, Kamalganj and Kulaura upazilas were marooned as gushing floodwater entered through 7 points of the broken embankments along the rivers Manu and Dhalai ... Some 1,000 kutcha houses and standing aus paddy on 30,000 acres of land went under 3-4 feet water. "CAUSE:Rain
3 110 kilometers north of capital Dhaka
Districts: Mymensingh, Sunamganj, Netrokona and Rangpur
Rivers: Surma, Kangsha
06/18/02 06/24/02 "Dhaka's weather office said 400 millimeters (16 inches) of rain fell in the affected region on Tuesday and Wednesday, causing the Surma and Kangsha rivers to overflow and flood more than 200 villages."CAUSE:Monsoon rains


Sn Areas affected Dates Notes
1 Xinjiang Region - leak in Xiker reservoir floods several villages in southern part of region. 03/10/02 03/12/02 Several villages in southern Xinjiang were submerged after a 50-metre fissure appeared in the Xiker reservoir on Sunday, causing water to gush out... There were no casualties, but a great deal of damage had been caused,... the crack appeared five hours after an earthquake in Afghanistan, which shares a small border with Xinjiang
CAUSE:Dam break
2 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region - Counties: Yongfu, Xing'an. Gulin City, Lijiang River 06/14/02 06/22/02 "The local flood-control authority said floods there have been the worst for 80 years. Heavy rainstorms since May 13 have raised major rivers in Guangxi above or close to danger levels. Railways and river transport have been obstructed." CAUSE:Rain
3 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region - Cities: Liuzhou, Guilin, Dongxing, Hezhou.
Western Guangdong province - Xijiang and Beijiang Rivers and tributaries.
Yunnan province - Tonghai county.
06/29/02 07/06/02 At least nine people have died in southern China as the worst summer floods for four years continue to threaten large areas of the country. Torrential rain last weekend has caused floods that left at least five people dead and affected 3.4 million in the southwestern Guangxi region, the semi-official China News Service said. Soldiers were racing to evacuate up to 100,000 people in Guangxi's Hezhou city
4 Guangdong province - Wuhua county in Meizhou city. Cities: Shaoguan, Lianzhou. Beijiang river 08/05/02 08/12/02 the floods caused by Kammuri injured 15 people, left 194 people homeless, and destroyed 12 houses in Wuhua county in Meizhou city, in Guangdong province. Rainstorms that have lasted for days have destroyed two local hydropower station dams and brought havocs to 412 villages to varying extent in Wuhua county" "floodwaters destroyed two dams and unleashed a torrent on residents below" "In Guangdong province...the Beijiang river has seen its most serious flooding of the year
CAUSE:Rain and dam breaks
5 Yunnan Province - Xinping County. Xiaowan Hydropower Station on Lanchang River. Yanjin. floods and landslides in 14 districts. 08/14/02 08/20/02 Early Saturday morning 17 August , work huts at a construction site of the Xiaowan Hydropower Station under construction on the Lanchang River in Yunnan were demolished by a sudden landslide." "Since 14 August, Xinping County in Yunnan has had an unprecedented number of landslides. They have killed 31 people, left 36 missing and cut a 50-metre wide chasm on the mountain side.
6 Guangdong province - Shaoguan city, Lechang district, Ruyuan county 10/28/02 11/02/02 Storms hit the region on Sunday, bringing 211mm of rainfall over four days. The waters inundated about 5,500 hectares of farmland, destroying 1,300 hectares of crops in Shaoguan. More than 400 houses were destroyed.


Sn Areas affected Dates Notes
1 Southern Tamil Nadu State -  Cauvery Delta districts. Kallanai, Tamirabarani and Kumbakarai falls, Madurai, Pudukottai and Thanjavur, Rameswaram town. 02/02/02 02/05/02 The death toll in the torrential rains has gone up to 11 with seven more persons dying at various places in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu since Saturday"No suitable Landsat 7 data located
2 State of Assam, Dhemaji district, worlds largest river island of Majuli 
Rivers: Brahmaputra and its tributaries, Jiadhol
06/16/02 06/22/02 The Dhemaji district 465 kilometers east of Assams capital Guwahati has been hammered by flash floods, triggered by monsoon rains, that have submerged at least 50 villages and marooned up to 50,000 people." "Thousands of endangered animals have fled flash floods in the world-renowned Kaziranga National Park in India's northeastern Assam state, making themselves vulnerable to poachers" "... incessant rains during the past few days had made the state's largest Brahmaputra River and its swollen, muddy tributaries exceed danger levels
CAUSE: Monsoon rains
3 West Bengal State - embankment breach at Kalagachi river in Sandeshklahi 06/25/02 06/26/02 Four people were swept away Tuesday while about 11,000 others were rendered homeless as flash floods swamped 10 villages in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal .. The flooding was caused by a breach in the embankment of the Kalagachi river in Sandeshklahi, 
CAUSE: Dike breach
4 Maharashtra State - Districts: Thane, Bhiwandi, Palghar, Dahanu, Vasai Talukas.
Gujarat State - coastal areas. Amreli, Bharuch, Junagadh and Valsad. 
06/26/02 07/03/02 The dead include 41 people killed in two days of flash flooding in villages 25 miles north of Bombay, said Iqbal Chahal, an official at the affect Thane region. "It is the beginning of the monsoon and the flooding was sudden. These areas were difficult to reach," said Chahal. " "The torrential rains have led to several dams overflowing, resulting in serious floods in the two states, officials said. People in many areas of Maharashtra were evacuated to safer areas following floods triggered by the rains
CAUSE: Monsoon rains
5 Uttaranchal State - Tehri district. Uttarkashi. Villages: Marwari, Bishankot. Jaikur and Indravati rivers. 08/11/02 08/13/02 The area, which was badly affected by a drought, is now reeling under floods triggered by the Jaikur and Indravati rivers bursting their banks
6 Gujarat State - Bharuch district, Surat, Vadodara and Anand. Jaghadia. Narmada River
Maharashtra State - Sadarpada, Jalgaon district, Nasik district, Dhule. Rivers: Godavari, Panzara, Tapi 
09/03/02 09/06/02 At least seven people drowned in flood waters, while four were buried under the debris of a wall that collapsed in Bharuch district, of western Indian state of Gujarat, the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) reported. Three deaths were also reported from Surat, Vadodara and Anand.
CAUSE: Monsoon rains
7 Kerala State - districts of Kannur, Kasaragod, Kozhikode, Malappuram and Thiruvananthapuram. 10/10/02 10/16/02 Many far-flung villages in the northern districts still remain cut off, as roads and bridges have been washed away in flash floods and landslips. 
CAUSE: Monsoon rains
8 Tamil Nadu state - Cauvery delta and Chennai City. Mayiladuthurai, Pudukottai, Meenambakkam. 10/31/02 11/04/02 The week-long downpour has caused extensive damage to property. Roads have been flooded and hundreds of people displaced from slums have been forced to take shelter in school buildings.


Sn Areas affected Dates Notes
1 Chindwin and Irawaddy (Ayeyawaddy) Rivers. Towns: Monwya, Mawliek, Kalewa, Nyaungoo Nyaung-u, Minbu, Magway Magwe and Hinthata  08/17/02 09/04/02 Floodwaters brought on by monsoon rains have affected up to a million acres (404,700 hectares) of land throughout the country, leaving thousands of people homeless and causing widespread damage to crops and property
CAUSE: Monsoon rains


Sn Areas affected Dates Notes
1 12 villages in south Rupandehi. Lalbakiya River. 07/07/02 07/09/02 After incessant rains, the Lalbakiya River overflowed its banks inundating 12 villages in south Rupendehei, local reports said. Twelve villages are under four feet of water. Floods have damaged property and crops worth several million rupees
2 Khotang District - villages of Sungdel and Dipsung. 07/14/02 07/16/02 heavy monsoon rains triggered massive landslides in the villages of Sungdel and Dipsung of Khotang District in eastern Nepal, on Sunday 14 July. Some 46 people are feared killed and 150 missing. The landslides reportedly also swept away 29 houses and a health post, and more than 90 houses in the area have been severely damaged.
CAUSE: Monsoon rains
3 Kathmandu valley. Terai area. Districts: Makwanpur, Khotang, Kathmandu, Chitwan, Kavre, Dhanusha, Mahottari, Bhojpur, Dhankutta, Syangja. Kavrepalanchowk, Lalitpur, Dhading, Siraha, Rautahat, Nawalparasi, Tehrathum, Morang, Gorkha, Dhankuta, Panchthar, Jhapa, Ilam, Sindhuli, Morang. Kamlamai Municipality. Kamala River and tributaries. 07/21/02 08/15/02 floods and landslides "The hardest hit district was Makwanpur in the south of the kingdom where about 150 people have been killed since Sunday as their villages were swept away by floods" "recent floods and landslides that affected 46 of Nepal's 75 districts" -- DEAD: total in Nepal this year 429 -- 
CAUSE: Monsoon rains


Sn Areas affected Dates Notes
1 District Muzaffargarh. Indus River. Betrampur, Lundi Pitafi, Khanwah, and Gabber Ara in, Bet Dariyai. Rohri Canal Breach in Sindh Province on July 30. 08/03/02 08/07/02 village known as "Chhajra" in Jatoi Sub Division of District Muzaffargarh was reportedly swept away on Sunday, three children drowned, besides some 71 Pacca houses,179 kutcha houses, two mosques and seven tube wells, due to flood in Indus River ... Indus River is washing away its banks at Betrampur, Lundi Pitafi, Khanwah, and Gabber Ara in, Bet Dariyai
2 North West Frontier Province - Peshawar and its surrounding area. Mardan, Malakand, Swabi, Matta. 08/22/02 08/28/02 At least 20,000 people have been badly affected," said Haji Raza Khan, an official in the district of Mardan, approximately 60 kilometers (38 miles) north of Peshawar, adding six people had drowned in the district Friday. Floodwaters from rains that began Thursday have also injured dozens of people, killed hundreds of cattle and buffaloes and destroyed fruit and vegetable crops worth tens of thousands of dollars